Burning out and relighting

daily_guidance21I’ve been doing a lot of serious work lately- tarot work, activism work, day job work, all of it. I’ve been ending some practices, beginning some new ones, reading everything and just buzzing with enthusiasm.

Last month, a reader told me that I should approach all this new stuff carefully. She reminded me that this stuff is real and doing this spiritual work can take a toll.

Of course I didn’t listen to her and just barreled on through, joining every program I thought pinged my intuition, stocking up on cards, doing full Celtic cross readings every day. And of course, I ran into a serious wall this week.

I woke up one morning just drained. My head ached. I could NOT drink enough water. I felt down, down, down. I spent all day slogging through working, just waiting to get home to curl up on my couch and mope the night away.

My activities have been all over the place lately and I’ve just been pouring energy out in all directions. I’ve also been very angry and upset over the current political situation. I need to reign it in. As an experiment, I’m taking a break from tarot and just reading one oracle card a day to see where I need to be guided.

The day after my big crash I pulled the Heart Chakra card from Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Deck. The message I took away was that I needed to recharge my heart. I need to build up some reserves of love- for myself and for the world.

I’ve been practicing gently. My heart burnt out, but just for a moment. It needs relighting and some very careful tending.



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