Well, I have been a little bummed lately. While my own personal, spiritual and daily life seems to becoming together, the world seems to be falling apart. Some days it seems hard to focus on spiritual stuff- don’t we have bigger problems to worry about?

Maybe….maybe not. We might have more immediate concerns. But let’s be honest- our spiritual dryness as a culture and a world is part of what has gotten us into this mess, and there is nothing bigger than that.

I need some focus and to clear out the cobwebs of my own emotions to see the best way forward, to learn to take care of myself and my world.

So with that in mind, I turned to the New Age Hipster’s Bummed Out Spread

Card 1:  Where You Were

The Sun Reversed-  Just as I was riding along, happy like that new born babe, basking in the exciting rays of my newly rediscovered connection with the Holy Spirit, BAM. The clouds came along. Things became confused. The Sun is still there, but I am having a hard time feeling it.

Card 2: What Brought You Down

The King of Cups Reversed- And who brought the clouds? Why, a bad king of course! A bad king who is bringing us down with his emotional manipulation, his vice, his violence and his vengeance.

I’m sure you can guess who I mean.

Card 3: Energies Around You

Justice- I’ve never been so happy to see a card in all my life. Justice, the balance of the universe, fairness, righteousness- this is all still with us! Justice is all around me. I just need to tap into her and to take action!

Interestingly, earlier today I was looking up Lady Master Portia, also known as the Goddess of Justice. I’m not much of an Ascended Masters type (or so I thought), but Lady Portia appeared to me in meditation years and years ago.

Card 4: What Could Keep You Down

9 of Swords Reversed- Ah, one of those times when you get a card so obvious your intuition can just take a break and just go with the book meaning. Yes, what could keep me down is oppression and more importantly, turning my anger at oppression inward against myself.

Card 5: What Will Help

4 of Pentacles Reversed- I pull this card so often you would think I was history’s greatest miser. I’m not- but I do have a tendency to keep myself restricted. I don’t share my gifts, particularly my earthly skills, as much as I should.

I also let fear of losing my livelihood and my comfortable life get in the way of acting. Time to reverse that- be generous: of spirit, with my gifts, with my life. I can do my part to let loose the restriction that threatens to bind the whole country right now.



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