The Reader’s Reading


It’s a great night for some spiritual work- rainy and cold outside, the window cracked just a bit so I can hear the rain. Halloween, Samhain, All Souls are coming near- I can feel the air crackling with energy.

I am ending my first week working with the Little Red Tarot‘s Alternative Tarot course. I pulled this week’s reading a few days ago and have been chewing on it ever since. This is a reading all about how I will be as a reader– what this journey through tarot has to offer me and what I am bringing to the table.

1.   What is your most important characteristic?

Queen of Wands- I’m not being falsely modest when I say no one would describe me as charming or charismatic. But what is is my most important characteristic as a reader (and even more broadly, as a spiritual pilgrim)? The Queen of wands is firey- but she is also a Queen, and that can mean inward, yin energy. While contemplating this card, a phrase popped into my head- the Inmost Light. As a reader, as a spiritual person, this is what I carry in my heart.

(Also the Queen of Wands is stubborn. I’m really stubborn).
2.   What strengths do you already have as a tarot reader, what are you bringing to this course?

Death- Wow, of all the Majors to pull! I am ready at this moment in my life to change. I am ready to transform. I am ready (or I want to be ready) to die to my ego to move closer to eternity.
3.   What limits do you feel as you start this course?

Ace of Pentacles- I’m not very eager to admit this to myself, but I long for wordly approval- the approval of my partner, family and others who don’t exactly get the spiritual aspects of my life. And I also want just worldy stuff. I want accolades and money. There is a part of me that hopes I’ll be a great tarot reader, that I’ll make money off it, that this blog will take off and I’ll be a Big Name. But to look at this journey only though that lens would keep me at square 1- unable to progress, as a reader and in the material world.
4.   What key lesson can you learn on your developmental journey with tarot?

Two of Wands (reversed)- I’d like to stay in my castle, looking at the world pass me by, or better yet, controlling everything by holding it in my hand. I can’t- I need to get out there. I need to be the World.
5.   How can you be open to learning and developing on this journey?

King of Pentacles- Pentacles are my limits, but they also can be the source of my learning. My desire for worldly justification can propel me out of the castle of the Two of Wands- and, with the hard work of a good King, I can embrace all that is good about the world and my fellow travelers.
6.   What is the potential outcome of your tarot journey?­­­

Six of Cups (reversed)- This week I also had a reading from a great reader and she told me that journeying into tarot can be really healing for me. My childhood and my past have left big emotional gouges on my soul and my hope for this journey is to heal those and learn to be kind, to my past self, my current self and my future.



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